How To Download Windows X Pro & Habitation Gratis | Master Copy Windows X Gratis Download

Windows x Pro & Home Free Download | Windows x ISO Free Download...

This is master copy Windows x download method, the Windows x Pro or Home ISO file is straight downloadable from Microsoft website, which agency its master copy windows 10. The method is simple, all you lot bespeak is correct links which volition hit got you lot to master copy download page of Windows 10.
There's ii ways to download master copy Windows x for free.
1st method is yesteryear using Microsoft media creation tool
2nd method is lead download Windows x ISO file
Choose whichever method you lot similar to use, although lead link is fast as well as much easy...
Please sentinel the below video to know how to role Media creation tool to download windows x & how to role Windows x lead link. All links are merely below the video.

Click on download link to download the Windows x for free

DOWNLOAD Media Creation Tool

DOWNLOAD Direct Link Windows 10

UPDATE NOTE-: The lead link is nonetheless working, if you lot role mobile squall upwardly to access the lead link it volition work, inwards the desktop the link is non working... but nonetheless plant via mobile phones.

NOTE -: Microsoft has removed the lead link for windows x ISO, instantly this link redirects to the media creation tool, yet there's no other way for lead link. if Microsoft laissez passer on us a way to download Windows x ISO straight than i volition update the lead link...

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