Watch Dogs Script Yesteryear Michael Wojtanis

Today Michael Wojtanis released his Watch Dogs script modern that volition select roughly cool features to GTA IV inspired past times the Watch Dogs game that volition move released soon.

The modern let's you lot practise things like:

Destroy cars engine
Turn off cars lights
Trigger cars alarm
Lock/unlock machine doors
Make cars accelerate
Spawn pillars on streets
Electrocute people using light poles together with fixed phones
together with more, all using your energy cell :)

Download the modern here (Link on description of the video)

Installation: Basically position the .net.dll file into your gta Scripts folder, you lot ask scriptHook installed together with working :)

Seems that actual version has a pΓ΅rnikas amongst spell that makes game crash, exactly is working fine inwards spell together with EFLC :)


H - Activate/Deactivate
eastward - Show/hide menu
Space - Execute selected option inwards the menu


Script by Michael Wojtanis


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