Extracting amongst installers

It is higly recommended to shop all you lot portable apps inwards a PortableApps folder at the origin of your displace (flash or difficult disk).
Doing so, installer volition works life automatically extracting path. If you lot get got several drives amongst a PortableApps folder at the root, installer volition choose removable inwards contrary alphabetical order.
If you lot desire to purpose unopen to other location, only choose amongst "Browse..." button: ever the same, fifty-fifty for browser's plugins.

Custom use

The launcher (*Portable.exe) backup local as well as restore portable settings earlier launching app. When app is closed, it backup portable as well as restore local settings. Local settings are registry entries as well as files or entire folders inwards host computer, portable settings are stored inwards Data.
The launcher create as well as purpose *Portable.ini file customizable past times user.

Disabling splash screen

Although the splash hide does non delay the launch, you lot tin sack disable it with:
DisableSplashScreen=true inwards *Portable.ini

You tin sack too lay your ain splash inwards Data (must hold upwards .bmp amongst transparency magenta) as well as write:
SplashScreenName=MySplash inwards .ini (for MySplash.bmp)

Passing parameters

Launcher piece of employment past times receipts paramaters to top dog exe:

  • a file dragged'n dropped on launcher volition hold upwards opened inwards portable app
  • a type of file associated to launcher (Open with...) inwards explorer volition hold upwards opened inwards portable app

To opened upwards several files past times this way, write:
AllowMultipleInstances=true inwards .ini

You tin sack sometimes add together parameters inwards .ini with:
This characteristic tin sack hold upwards added on demand.

Other customization

Open an edit *Portable.ini to modify default settings: create yourself language, paths....


In abnormal purpose you lot volition become unopen to mistake messages:

Check if top dog exe exists

"...was non works life in..." say you lot that files expected are non inwards skillful location (if you lot run launcher alone).

Check if top dog exe is running

"Another...is running. Close..." say you lot that unopen to other representative (local or portable) of top dog exe is running.
You tin sack disable this banking concern gibe amongst AllowMultipleInstances=true inwards .ini.

Check admin rights

"You are non allowed to write to the registry!!" tin sack explicate that portable don't run or non properly.
You tin sack disable this banking concern gibe amongst CheckRegWrite=false inwards .ini.

Check skillful exit

"Last piece of employment of ...Portable did'nt restore settings." appears if Windows crached or was shutting downwards spell portable was running: launcher did non get got been able to restore local as well as backup portable settings as well as volition create it earlier a novel launch (recommended acceptance).

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