[Tut] Gta Four Wdr Object Amongst Custom Advert In Addition To Collision

In this tutorial i demonstrate how to exercise a WDR object together with how to exercise the collisions. In resume:

Choose a advert for the model
Choose a game .img file where y'all desire insert the model
Edit the .ide file of this .img file adding a novel business for the novel object
Create the WDR object together with import inwards game
Create the collision meshwork together with purpose Shadows IV plugin to export
Add the file to game together with therefore export using openFormats
Import the file using OFIO plugin
Fix pin to represent the centre of the WDR object
Set the materials
Fix the advert of the meshwork to represent the advert of the object
Change the saltation type inwards the User defined propertie of the mesh
Export together with import inwards game

Download the files/project used here


Thanks to OpenIV team, rage query team, creators of Shadows IV, OFIO together with GIMS IV together with thank y'all to AutoDesk for the iii years costless pupil versions of 3ds Max :)

Also thank y'all to Bob Lester together with Krlos_Rockr for "starting me" inwards the "3ds Max IV modding world" :)


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