[Tut] 4 Custom Anims From Start Out Pace To Concluding Step

In this tutorial i volition demo how you lot create a rattling basic grapheme animation for GTA IV, since the software required, the installation of plugins upwardly to the animation creation in addition to import into game. The animation made volition endure rattling basic but to demo the method, larn how to brand adept anims is upwardly to you lot ;)

For a video showing the basic steps later having all the setup done, click here.
For a to a greater extent than advanced tutorial banking firm gibe this link.

What you lot require for this tutorial:

OpenIV - To import/export anims (mirror)
3DS Max 2013 (may operate amongst 2012 too) - The base of operations to create/edit the anims
OFIO plugin - To export anim to GTA IV (mirror)
Andrew's OAD Exporter plugin - To export anim to GTA IV also (but mainly purpose the biped that comes amongst it that makes easier create/edit anims) (mirror)
GTA IV Char. Rig past times H1Vltg3 - To create/edit anims also (mirror)

1 - Basic setup

First of all install 3DS Max.
Then install the plugins (OFIO in addition to Andrew's OAD Exporter) - Drag the scripts folder of each plugin to the 3DS Max folder

2 - First basic anim using the Biped from Andrew's OAD Exporter

In the Andrew's OAD Exporter folder you lot volition uncovering the file called biped_gta4.max, opened upwardly it amongst 3DS Max in addition to you lot volition accept this screen:

In this tutorial i volition demo how you lot create a rattling basic grapheme animation for GTA IV [TUT] IV Custom Anims from get-go measuring to concluding step

Now the thought is move/rotate the Bones to seat in addition to brand the animation keys. First let's enable the AutoKey option, this volition brand that each modify nosotros made inwards determined fourth dimension lapse volition generate a animation cardinal for that bone(s) inwards that fourth dimension position, this is what makes movements happen:

*It should perish Red when enabled.

Now let's nation that i desire brand the ped perform a brusque leg movement, what nosotros require to practise basically is gear upwardly Keys inwards the animation for each measuring of the move.

First of all i volition gear upwardly the initial Key that volition define where each os should start inwards the animation, to practise this i volition seat the Time Slider inwards get-go frame in addition to thence Move the bones that i innovation to animate to generate a cardinal for them, inwards this example i volition pick out this os (Char_R_Calf):

For each measuring i volition accept a Key inwards the animation, so, allow me seat the fourth dimension slider command inwards a fourth dimension seat where i imagine that is adept plenty for the get-go measuring that is displace the leg up, the frame fifteen seems adept for this move:

Now if you lot displace the Time Slider from frame 0 to fifteen you lot should encounter the movement.

Based on this thought of animation cardinal frames in addition to bones position/rotation nosotros tin halt create unopen to cool anims.

3 - Exporting the Biped anim in addition to importing into a "gta iv exportable" project

To export a animation made amongst a Biped nosotros practise the following:

3.1.1 - In the principal carte icon click inwards Export:

3.1.2 - Select a folder in addition to gear upwardly a advert for the exported file:

3.1.3 - In the adjacent window click inwards "Edit" thence inwards "Edit Preset":

3.1.4 - Expand the Tree stance ("Include" in addition to "Animation") in addition to brand certain that Animation is marked, thence click Ok to export:

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 .FBX file should endure created, a alarm window may seem but you lot tin halt ignore it (i promise ^^).

3.2 - Now let's import this anim into a projection where nosotros tin halt export to GTA IV. I volition demo how you lot practise this using OFIO plugin, get-go measuring is opened upwardly that Char. Rig made past times H1Vltg3 amongst 3DS Max:

Now perish to same carte where you lot Exported the anim but this fourth dimension click inwards Import in addition to pick out that .fbx file:

In the adjacent window you lot require to expand the Tree stance until achieve Include > File Content in addition to thence pick out "Update animation", thence click Ok:

Move the fourth dimension slider in addition to you lot volition encounter that the char moves similar inwards the Biped anim. Now earlier export its interesting increment the publish of frames to avoid "shaking bug" inwards the animation inwards game/in openiv. To practise this click inwards the Time Configuration button:

In the adjacent window grade Custom in addition to gear upwardly a bigger number, i purpose 200 for my anims:

Tip: In this same window you lot tin halt increase/decrease the publish of frames of the entire anim (Length), you lot also tin halt re-scale the fourth dimension making the anim play faster or slower (Re-scale Time).

Tip: You tin halt create/edit keyframes inwards this projection too, but follow same thought of setting fourth dimension slider seat in addition to rotating bones (don't displace them amongst Move tool because it volition generate "not good" results ^^).

4 - Exporting the anim to openFormats (OpenIV)

Now that nosotros accept our anim completed nosotros tin halt export it to GTA IV in addition to encounter how it volition hold off using OpenIV or the game + script/trainer.

First measuring is pick out the Char helper, a piece of cake agency to practise this is using the "Select past times Name" feature:

Now that nosotros accept the Char selected nosotros tin halt purpose the OFIO export clicking inwards Export Skel:

In the adjacent window pick out a folder to salve the file in addition to click Ok, 3DS Max may inquire you lot for optimize the animation, i e'er response "Yes" ^^

After export succeed you lot volition encounter this screen:

And a file called head_000_r.onim volition endure generated inwards the selected folder:

5 - Importing the anim into game using OpenIV

Now nosotros tin halt create a .OAD file to endure able to import this anim to the game using OpenIV, get-go allow me rename the animation to sample1.onim in addition to create a .OAD file using notepad, this is what the .oad file volition accept inside:

As you lot tin halt encounter it basically refers where are the animation files, inwards this example it volition endure inwards same folder of the .oad file.

You tin halt download this .oad file here or create it amongst Notepad saving every bit .oad extension (All files filter).

Now using OpenIV nosotros volition opened upwardly the anim.img in addition to enable the edit mode:

Now nosotros correct click a empty infinite in addition to click inwards Import openFormats:

Now nosotros pick out the file in addition to click Ok in addition to Ok ane time again inwards the adjacent window, if all is ok nosotros should encounter the sample_anim.wad inwards the anims list. Now click inwards "Open animation viewer" in addition to search for you lot anim:


Tip: You tin halt brand the anims using straight the Char. Rig made past times H1Vltg3, it's a piffling harder but you lot accept to a greater extent than command of what is happening amongst each bone.


To encounter how to play anims inwards game using a .net script encounter this tutorial (baisc scripting noesis required)

To encounter how to export the FBX anim file using Andrew's Exporter plugin instead of OFIO sentry this video.

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