Turnip Harvestable


Adds harvestable turnip together with flora to the game


------ Turnip tin live on establish nether 'Misc Appliances' . [ Search for 'Turnip' the search bar for slowly access]
------ Cost - 12 simoleons 
------ Can live on planted together with harvested
------ Turnip is tagged every bit a veggie , then tin live on eaten raw or used inwards recipes which demand veggie every bit a cooking ingredient. (Custom recipes to come )
------ University compatible ( tin live on stored inwards dorm chest)
------ Compatible alongside RoM spells together with Island Living conservationist career.
------ Can live on sold using City Living Craft sales table, Grocery marketplace stall
------ Toddler compatible (aka toddlers tin swallow the harvestable, play alongside the plant)
------ Pets Compatible
----- Growing flavor : Summer, Fall, Spring, Winter (All Seasons)
----- Cannot live on planted inwards freezing temps


Eating the Turnip harvestable raw volition hand a moodlet/buff
------ +1 Happy
------ sixty sim minutes
------ 'Tasty Turnip'

Use Increased Hunger Bonus Mod if y'all desire the sims to gain to a greater extent than hunger motive points from eating harvestables

Requirement : Base game compatible
Made alongside Game Version 11/25/2019 – PC: / Mac: 
Conflicts: Should non conflict alongside whatsoever other mod
PolyCount : Turnip Plant - 489v/541p(high), 305v/257p(med)
        Turnip370v/464p(high), 236v/239p(med)


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