Trevor Clothe Modern Past Times Ac.Amir

This modernistic brings a playerped.rpf model alongside tons of wearing clothing to last used yesteryear business office instrumentalist :)

The listing of combinations select to a greater extent than than 200 items, roughly are rattling unique similar Diving Suit, Nude as well as Heavy armor.

Download: here

The modernistic too include diverse GTA V masks as well as accessories :)

if y'all desire portion or brand videos of this mod, delight role the next links every bit reference inwards description:



To select a rubber installation opened upward the game as well as ready the actual saved game wearing clothing combination to the default values, as well as thus closed the game as well as seat the playerped.rpf inwards your gtaiv.exe folder\pc\models\cdimages folder as well as supervene upon the previous one. I signal reset the wearing clothing because custom wearing clothing may displace game crash at loading. Case y'all nevertheless having crash y'all tin essay this playerped.rpf that uses a dissimilar get together exactly nevertheless having same wearing clothing as well as textures.

To select access to the wearing clothing combination listing y'all demand to download as well as install my Clothes combination script (here) as well as and thus re-create the folder "Clothes Combination files" from the ac.amir pack to your gta Scripts folder, as well as thus inwards game role Insert to demo the mods card as well as select Clothes combination option.


You tin modify the hotkey inwards the self-generated .ini file


Playerped model as well as wearing clothing combinations yesteryear ac.amir
Clothes combination script yesteryear JulioNIB


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