Spiderman Four - Gta Four Modern Past Times Bob Lester Together With Julionib

This was 1 of the nearly requested mods since i started modding GTA IV, solely possible straight off thank you lot to OpenIV + OFIO + Bob Lester amazing anims ( also ASI loader too Scripthook ;-) )


Mod "history": http://www.facebook.com/hashtag/spidermaniv

if you lot desire part or brand videos of this mod, delight piece of occupation the next link every bit reference inwards description: 


Installation: This modernistic uses OpenIV Package Installer, come across how to install here


This modernistic don't includes suits, but goes alongside config for this pack:

This pack goes alongside .ini files for each Suit:

If you lot desire install a novel suit, lead maintain a await into Suits folder at Scripts\Spiderman Files folder, basically you lot take away a .ini file for the conform too laid the model refer within that .ini file.

For missions i recommend a playerped.rpf model (Game may crash if you lot piece of occupation a custom ped model inwards missions)

Other skins (not tested):

See how to install novel Suits changing what ped model to supplant watching this video.

Audio issues

If you lot can't listen the spider web shoot sounds spell performing Web Swing, Web Stun or Web Shoot you lot should enable the bUseNaudio2 inwards the modernistic .ini file at gta Scripts folder, set bUseNaudio2=1.

Unable to charge Suit or game Textures missing

Seems that likewise much High Resolution textures for custom ped models brand this game unable to charge closed to custom ped models or brand closed to game textures disappear, fifty-fifty to a greater extent than inwards depression resources PCs, so, to ready this resultant i made this pack (mirror) that reduces the character of the Suit textures inwards the ac.amir models release, at to the lowest degree hither this fixed those issues ;). Using OpenIV install the files into your componentpeds.img.


Insert - Show mods carte du jour (also via scripthook ascendance spiderman)
Right mouse push - Web swing - Camera direction determines how high you lot go
Left mouse push - Web shoot (target ped/vehicle must travel laid first)
Q - Kick
E - Punch
T - Throw vehicle (only when message appears)
R - Disarm armed target
1 - Web stun attack
two - Toggle Photo mode
three - Take a photograph (While inwards photograph mode)
Hold Control - Set "jump to spot" location
Hold Control + Web swing - Jump to spot
Web shoot + Q or E - Pull target alongside spider web too attack
Web shoot + R - Disarm target
Web shoot alongside targeted vehicle - Jump to vehicle
R - While over a vehicle, press R to rip the driver from the vehicle
Jump + targeted ped + Q or E - Perform air attack

Xbox 360 Controls: See the Controls carte du jour inwards the modernistic menu.

You tin alter the hotkey inwards the self-generated .ini file


Anims and models past times Bob Lester
Script past times JulioNIB


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