Radical Snowman - A Gta Four Christmas Mod

Scripting4Fun - Radical Snowman mod

This uncomplicated modern brings a Snowman that y'all tin command together with perform only about crazy tricks using a snowboard.


If y'all desire portion or brand videos of this mod, delight role the next link every bit reference inwards description: 


Installation: This modern uses OpenIV Package Installer, run across how to install here

Snow mods that i recommend:

Snow resultant on soil together with cars:

Replace pelting alongside a real overnice snowfall FX:

Remember: Those snowfall mods are definitive, this agency that cant hold out toggle on/off.


O - Toggle the modern On/Off
Space - Jump
Left mouse push (LMB) + deed keys - Perform dissimilar tricks, y'all tin combine for illustration Left + Forward + LMB

You tin alter the hotkey inwards the self-generated .ini file

XBox 360 command support:

Left Stick - Control movement
Right Stick - Control photographic idiot box camera angle
H5N1 - Jump
B + Left stick - Perform tricks, same sentiment of keyboard deed keys described above


Script, models together with anims past times JulioNIB
Snowboard model based on a skate model by Vincent Driard-Sergent


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