Jetpack Mod

Old request, a Jetpack modernistic for GTA IV, this i was inspired yesteryear Kick Ass movie, so, it bring 2 powerful miniguns.


-Fire guns spell using jetpack (except melee too thrown weapons)
-Spawn enemy inward jetpack
-Spawn crazy killer inward jetpack
-Spawn bodyguard inward jetpack
-Some SWAT cops volition come upward inward jetpacks when wanted score is greater than 3


The jetpack must hold out "unlocked" performing the Kill Frenzy inward airport. Case y'all tried too failed several times too forthwith bring that "frustrating feeling", cheque this post to encounter how to bypass this :)

Case y'all bring really depression fps (under 20) too the jetpack moves besides much deadening y'all tin growth the deed strength multiplier (forceMultiplier) inward the modernistic .ini file at gta Scripts folder.

If y'all desire part or brand videos of this mod, delight role the next link equally reference inward description:


Installation: This modernistic uses OpenIV Package Installer, encounter how to install here

In SA:IV too Vice City Rage afterward install the bundle y'all volition obtain a fault message, y'all involve to insert the models manually using OpenIV, cheque this video to encounter how to proceed:


Insert - Show mods menu
Numpad0 - Toggle Jetpack engine On/Off
J - Equip/Eject jetpack
Use normal game controls (WASD) to deed forward/backward/left/right, role Shift too Control to become up/down

The jetpack volition hold out available afterward complete the Jetpack Kill Frenzy mission at airdrome :)

You tin alter the hotkey inward the self-generated .ini file


Models by Krlos_Rokr too JulioNIB
Textures by Bob Lester too JulioNIB
Anims yesteryear JulioNIB


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