Jerry Can

This modernistic brings a Jerry Can characteristic to GTA IV in addition to EFLC inspired past times GTA V Jerry Can only amongst some extra features similar purpose a lighter to start the post away or thrown the jerry tin in addition to shoot it to crusade a explosion :)

You tin let out the Jerry Can inwards gas stations or approximately the origin Niko's house. Or you lot tin cheat in addition to purpose ascendency jerrycan or gear upwardly a hotkey for obtaining jerry tin inwards the .ini file.

After origin charge the script volition write inwards the weaponInfo.xml the jerry tin "weapon" information (episodic_23), a message volition seem quest to restart the game, produce it. Obs.: You should run game equally administrator/with administrator account.

Know issues

-After likewise much purpose you lot tin notice frozen objects bug, reload game or purpose command: nln to clear the expanse (This may crash some scripts, so, it's practiced purpose reloadscripts afterwards this command)
-The models may non seem within buildings.
-The liquid model may "float" inwards determined locations similar inwards stairs



Fixed lawsuit related to "Error detecting jerry tin object..."


Added dissimilar walk/run trend when belongings a jerry can


Fixed jerry tin model, bugs inwards Video Editor in addition to related to ragdoll are gone :)


Fixed lawsuit that brand distant liquid start to burn downward automatically
Fixed issues amongst ViIV map

If you lot desire percentage or brand videos of this mod, delight purpose the next link equally reference inwards description: 


Installation: This modernistic uses OpenIV Package Installer, come across how to install here


J - Equip jerry tin when you lot pick out one
eastward - Use lighter to start the fire
Attack push (Left mouse btn) - Drop the gas
Aim + Attack push - Thrown jerry can

You tin alter the hotkey inwards the self-generated .ini file


Animations past times Boblester122
Jerry Can model past times II Macc II and Krlos_Rokr
Script past times JulioNIB


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