Gta Five Machine Pack V4 Past Times Etzockit

New auto pack by ETzockiT that adds to a greater extent than than 23 vehicles to his terminal auto pack.


Installation: Copy the files to your gtaiv.exe folder, this volition supplant your custom vehicles in addition to handling, so, hold upwards careful, already installed custom cars/handling remove to hold upwards restored later install this pack.

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Car listing (Only novel vehicles listed):

Admiral = Khamelion
Banshee = Monroe
Bus = GTA V Bus
Cavalcade = CCanis Seminole 4x4
Coquette = GTA V Coquette
Dilettante = Coil Voltic
Futo = Schyster Fusilade
Merit = Grotti Stinger
Minivan = Regina
Patriot = Canis Mesa
Premier = ASEA Declasse
Rebla = Bravado AWD
Sabre = Grotti
Sentinel = Alpha
Solair = Independence Monster Truck DLC
Stretch = GTA V Stretch
Sultan = Karin Asterope
SuperGT = RapidGT
Taxi two = Tauras
Vigero = Phoenix
Vincent = Ocelot Jakal
Voodoo = Space Docker
Willard = Hot Knife

Bobber = Bagger (Franklin's bike)
Faggio = GTA V Faggio
NRG900 = Carbon
PCJ = Ruffian
Sanchez = GTA V Sancher

Jetmax - GTA V Jetmax

Tourmav = Frogger


Pack by ETzockiT
Cars past times louping0, Algonquin Hood, ThatOneHick, cromchen, emad-tvk, GysCo, RisingFire Star, Fredwalkthrough and peradventure others that i dont know :)

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