Gta Five Auto Pack Past Times Etzockit

This machine GTA V Car Pack v3 made by ETzockiT volition convey to IV around actually cool cars converted from GTA V.


Installation: Copy the files to your gtaiv.exe folder, this volition supersede your custom vehicles together with handling, so, hold upward careful, already installed custom cars/handling take away to hold upward restored afterward install this pack.

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Car list:

1)Blista - GTA V Blista Compact
2)Bobcat - GTA V Bravado Bison
3)Chavos - GTA V Dominator
4)Cognoscenti - GTA V Cognoscenti Cabrio
5)Comet - GTA V Comet
6)Df8 - GTA V Lampadati Felon
7)Fbi - GTA V Unmarked Police Cruiser (Non-ELS)
8)Faction - GTA V 9F Cabrio
9)Feltzer - GTA V Feltzer
10)Feroci - GTA V Fugtive
11)Fortune - GTA V Pegasi Vacca
12)Futo - GTA V
13)Hakumai - GTA V Adder
14)Huntley - GTA V Huntley
15)Intruder - GTA V Entity XF
16)Landstalker - GTA V Vapid Radius
17)Manana - GTA V Cheval Picador
18)Marbella - GTA V Zentorno
19)Perennial - GTA V Rocoto
20)Peyote - GTA V Grotti Cheetah
21)Presidente - GTA V Tailgater ( Michael's Car)
22)Police1 - GTA V Police Cruiser (Non-ELS)
23)Police2 - GTA V Police Interceptor (Non-ELS)
24)Polparot - GTA V FIB Granger (Non-ELS)
25)Ruiner - GTA V Felon
26)Rancher - GTA V Rancher
27)Sabre - GTA V Carbonizzare
28)Sabre2 - GTA V Bodhi ( Trevor's Car)
29)SabreGT - GTA V Gauntlet
30)Schafter - GTA V Schwarzer
31)Stalion - GTA V Buffalo ii ( Franklin's Car )
32)SuperGT - GTA V Massacro
33)Turismo - GTA V Turismo
34)Taxi - GTA V Vapid Stanier sec Gen Taxi
35)Uranus - GTA V Issi ( Tracey's Car )


Pack by ETzockiT
Cars past times louping0, Algonquin Hood, ThatOneHick, cromchen, emad-tvk, GysCo, RisingFire Star, Fredwalkthrough and possibly others that i dont know :)


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