Gta 4 Wheel Script Mod

This modern volition pick out bicycles animations to GTA IV giving the feeling that you lot had inward San Andreas :)

if you lot desire portion or brand videos of this mod, delight purpose the next link equally reference inward description:


Known issues

Pedals may non stand upward for just where the foots are.
Script may neglect creating race drivers (game retentiveness overloaded).
Script may neglect creating race essay driver (game retentiveness overloaded).
When entering the bike or starting a race histrion may perform the master copy "bike startup" animation+sound.
Race drivers may endure bike crashes during races ^^
Handling may endure difficult sometimes.
Case you lot run into a game bike instead of a Bicycle you lot in all likelihood forget to install that bike model.
Script may neglect creating bike inward the carte du jour (game retentiveness overloaded)
Bicycle amongst engine sounds: You ask to edit the vehicles.ide as well as educate DINGHY equally 1 of the parameters, example:

Installation: This modern uses OpenIV Package Installer, run into how to install here

Download the bike script here
Download the compatible bike models here (by emad-tvk)

Case you lot desire restore roughly bikes, banking firm check this post.
Case you lot desire add together the bike models without supplant the game vehicles, check this video.

Important note close mods similar IronMan IV, Superman, Parachute IV as well as others:

Those mods purpose Faggio bike to perform the flight/mid air feature, so, to endure able to decease on using them you lot ask to remove/edit the bike_bmx.ini file because it is educate to purpose the faggio bike (BMX):

Adding the bike without supplant game vehicles

Case you lot desire add together the bikes without supplant whatever vehicle, you lot ask to:

1 - Add the bike model to the game using the add together vehicles method.
two - Edit/Create bike configurations for those added models, you lot volition discovery the files inward GTA Scripts folder > Bike Files:

For to a greater extent than specific help, check this video.


Custom animations for:

-Pedaling (slow, medium as well as fast)
-Lean on turns
-Bunny hop

Pedals volition spin to "fit" amongst the pedaling anim.

Any ped driving a bike volition larn a bike driver as well as volition play the bike anims.

Script volition randomly spawn peds on bicycles each 45 120 seconds.

Race agency (Create as well as Edit races)

Race drivers may perform stunt anims spell inward air.

Race drivers may perform a Bunny hop trying to avoid collision amongst a car.

xviii Stunts to perform spell inward mid air, simply brand certain to complete the stunt earlier hitting the dry soil ^^


Create ramps

XBox 360 Control support


Insert - Show mods menu
Numpad 0 - "Bunny hop" (Hold to increase power)
Numpad 1 to Numpad nine - While inward air: perform stunts
E + Stunt - Perform secondary stunt

XBox 360 controls

H5N1 - "Bunny hop" (Hold to increase power)
X, A, DPad Left/Right - While inward air: perform stunts
Left and/or Right Trigger + Stunt - Perform secondary stunt

You tin sack alter the hotkey inward the self-generated .ini file


Bicycle anims past times Yeardley Diamond
FMXIV anims past times Bob Lester
Models past times emad-tvk
Script past times JulioNIB



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