Gta 4 - Shark-O-Matic Gun Mod

This modernistic brings a gun inspired yesteryear Saints Row three Shark-O-Matic gun that volition brand a crazy shark interruption the terra firma together with "eat" the victim :)



If yous desire part or brand videos of this mod, delight purpose the next link equally reference inwards description:


Installation: This modernistic uses OpenIV Package Installer, encounter how to install here


Don't install the modernistic inwards the same GTA to a greater extent than than 1 fourth dimension or yous volition generate incorrect entries inwards beauty.ide (duplicated lines) that volition brand the game unable to practise the models :)


Insert - Show mods menu

You tin halt alter the hotkey inwards the self-generated .ini file

Press insert, pick out the Shark-O-Matic option, together with thus pick out pick to equip the gun, yous tin halt educate a hotkey to equip the gun inwards the modernistic .ini file :)

Known issues

Object animations don't look inwards video editor :)

Sometimes the shark animation isn't synced alongside the victim animation.

The gun model was made based on pictures, so, it don't await thus skilful equally the original.



Shark model source:


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