Gta 4 Selfie Mod

This modern makes possible accept to a greater extent than or less "selfies" inwards GTA IV, something like to what nosotros direct maintain inwards V, exactly hither the photos are non related to the mobile phone, all script action. The photos are saved inwards the game Scripts folder (sElfie files folder). This modern was started to a greater extent than or less fourth dimension agone by Josemar Santos.


Mod history:


This modern quest a extra footstep afterward installation to operate fine inwards fullscreen mode, y'all quest to laid the compatibility trend of GTA IV to disable the desktop composition:

This volition temporary disable the Aero consequence when game starts in addition to volition avoid the dark photograph p├Árnikas when game is running inwards fullscreen, if your photos yet non working, run the game inwards window trend using commandline.

if y'all desire portion or brand videos of this mod, delight role the next link equally reference inwards description: 


Known issues

Black photo/desktop photo may come about inwards fullscreen trend if desktop composition is enabled in addition to game is running inwards fullscreen, game running inwards window trend don't seems to direct maintain this issue.

Player grapheme may "shake" a picayune when inwards selfie photograph mode

Some HUD information from other mods may look inwards the photos

This modern is not compatible amongst mods that strength anim playback (Bicycle, IronmanIV on flight, etc.), this way that y'all tin direct maintain both mods exactly can't accept selfies when the powers/feature of the other modern is enabled (riding a bicycle, flying amongst ironman, etc.).

Mobile band missing - This may come about afterward role the selfie modern menu, to fix is really simple, press Insert to exhibit mods carte du jour in addition to thus unopen the menu, afterward two seconds mobile band may operate fine again.

Installation: This modern uses OpenIV Package Installer, run across how to install here


Insert - Show mods menu
MButton - Take a photograph (or via the alternative inwards the menu)
Mouse wheel - "zoom" in/out

You tin alter the hotkey inwards the self-generated .ini file


Anims + Script yesteryear JulioNIB
Mod started by Josemar Santos


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