Gta 4 - Fireworks Mod

This modern brings a fireworks characteristic to GTA IV, you lot volition pick out 8 unlike effects as well as 8 unlike colors. You too tin enable a pick inwards the modern bill of fare to shoot fireworks when you lot shoot your gun :)


If you lot desire part or brand videos of this mod, delight purpose the next link every bit reference inwards description: 


Installation: This modern uses OpenIV Package Installer, encounter how to install here


Insert - Show mods menu
Number 0 (not numpad0) - Equip a firework
east - Light upwardly the firework
G - Put on ground
Left mouse push clitoris - Throw the firework
Hold middle mouse push clitoris to commencement creating 1 firework on soil each 400ms

You tin modify the hotkey inwards the self-generated .ini file

No XBox 360 controller back upwardly yet

ENB or iCEnhancer users may postulate to edit a settings file to hold out able to encounter the firework effects (Corona effect), banking venture gibe the icon that goes alongside the file to detect out what to edit as well as where ;)


Script, models as well as anims yesteryear JulioNIB



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