+Centered Motorcar Photographic Television Set Camera V1.1

The stance inwards this uncomplicated script is brand a machine photographic boob tube camera that volition endure to a greater extent than centered than the normal i inwards GTA IV, something similar to what nosotros accept inwards GTA V.

Obs.: The video demo start beta version, actual trial is really similar.

It plant really good as well as actually helps the driving, you lot basically tin hand the axe forget nearly the mouse spell driving, don't ask to decease along centering photographic boob tube camera for each plow :)

For normal await jibe aim.

You tin hand the axe enable or disable the script inwards the mods menu.

There is a listing of exclude models inwards the .ini file, you lot tin hand the axe add together or take away novel vehicles, past times default Faggio (commonly used inwards purpose musician flying scripts), Ripley as well as Airtug (commonly used equally airplane) are inwards the list.



-Fixed number amongst XBox command that was disabling photographic boob tube camera when accelerating.


-Added a "pitch fix" that amend photographic boob tube camera angle when machine is amongst negative pitch, earlier the script was making photographic boob tube camera become closed to machine making impossible to run into what is inwards forepart of the car.

-Fixed p├Árnikas related to drive past times shooting without jibe aim.

-Improved photographic boob tube camera Z attach alter that makes things to a greater extent than polish inwards some cases.

If you lot desire part or brand videos of this mod, delight usage the next link equally reference inwards description: 

In the modern card you lot volition accept the next options:

Enabled: Determine if the script is enabled or non (you tin hand the axe laid a hotkey for this)
Fixed rotation: Determines if the photographic boob tube camera rotation volition endure the same of the machine rotation
Use sometime method (car shake): Determines if volition usage sometime method that may motility machine shaking, novel method is recommended but it is less smooth.
Coef XY: Bigger values = Less photographic boob tube camera rotation, smaller values = to a greater extent than similar IV camera
Coef Z: Similar but for Z axis movement
Offsets: Change the seat of the photographic boob tube camera only about car, photographic boob tube camera ever volition quest to car, so, endure careful setting those values.

Known issues

-Camera/car may milk shiver a niggling depending on FPS.
-You can't "pitch" photographic boob tube camera up/down, solely rotate only about car.
-When machine is non on all wheels for long fourth dimension (more than 1.5 second) the photographic boob tube camera is disabled to avoid rotation issues as well as permit Stunt Jumps work, but volition endure enabled i time again when machine province on ground.
-Bikes tin hand the axe accept non then skillful trial when using default method (New one).
-Not certain if volition move fine amongst SNT create vehicle + warp equally driver feature, you lot may ask to larn out machine as well as larn into again.

Installation: This modern uses OpenIV Package Installer, run into how to install here


There is no default hotkeys at this moment, Insert should demo the mods menu.

You tin hand the axe alter the hotkey inwards the self-generated .ini file


Script past times JulioNIB


  modern menu

 script off

script on

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