[Tut] Installing .Oiv Packages Inward Gta V

Case you lot downloaded a .OIV file inwards i of my mods, this is how you lot top along to install. The .oiv files are made to brand easier the installation, then user simply demand to click inwards few buttons to install scripts, models together with textures ;)

Important: Try to maintain your OpenIV updated, about older versions convey issues amongst the packages.

*Keep inwards heed that ScripthookVDotNet nonetheless needed for my mods, together with it demand to hold upward installed/updated manually.

1 - Start OpenIV together with click inwards GTA V windows, illustration it asks for game place fix it.

two - Click inwards Tools > ASI Manager, brand certain that OpenIV.asi together with ASI Loader are installed:

three - Click inwards Tools > Package Installer:

iv - Select the .OIV file together with click inwards Open:

five - Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 window similar to this i should appear, click inwards Install:

half dozen - Now OpenIV volition enquire if you lot desire install inwards mods folder or inwards master copy game files, i recommend to select mods folder selection to brand easier disable the mods when going to play online:

seven - If everything goes good you lot should run across the "Installing" shroud together with later on about fourth dimension the "Installation Succeed" screen, the installation fourth dimension may hold upward longer depending on what RPF files OpenIV volition demand to handgrip :)

Issues amongst ScripthookVDotNet or Ctrl+N menu? Check this post

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