1. Check whether latest update

2. Check whether y'all cause got the latest spell or not

3. Make certain script mods are enabled inward the game menu

4. Unzip the zip and put BOTH .package as well as .ts4script files in your /Mods folder for  Food Group Mods.

3. Check whether the files are unpacked ( role 7zip for unpacking)

4. Put the script files( .ts4script) direct inward the mods folder ( no sub folders)

5. Make certain that y'all cause got the required packs

6. Make certain y'all cause got all the required files

7. If the Plants produce non expire harvestable : -

  • Make certain , y'all are on the latest patch
  • Plant the fruit/veggie/herb as well as non the plant/bush from debug
  • Re-plant if found takes to long to expire into harvestable mode

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