Gta V Modding Help

In this postal service i volition link about tutorials well-nigh GTA five modding, game crash fix, plugins setup, peds setup, etc.

Basic scripts setup

ScriptHookV as well as ScripthookVDotNet setup:

Script mods setup:
Manual setup
.OIV files setup

Ped models setup

Addon Peds setup:

How to add together peds to game:
How to supplant peds inwards game (Case yous don't desire Add peds):

Game crash FIX:

Adding a ped model to my modern peds list:


ScripthookVDotNet troubleshooting (NIBMods menu non showing):

Problems amongst NIBMods Patreon login:

Game crash/script mistake FIX

- FIX: Install this mod

- Error: Game crash subsequently game spell update

- FIX: Maybe yous convey outdated update.rpf file within mods\update folder, delete the outdated file or re-create the novel 1 from game update folder. (Keep inwards demand heed that yous may loose changes made inwards the former update.rpf file)

- Error: Game crash subsequently adding peds
- FIX: Follow this tutorial to fix

- Error: Script error/crash
- Check the ScripthookVDotNet log file for possible errors, brand sure ScripthookVDotNet is updated and run the game every bit Administrator


- Install 1 modern as well as exam game as well as mod, don't install lot of mods as well as therefore test, it's harder notice a possible final result related to a modern setup

- Always dice on your game updated, about of my mods uses latest anims/FX from latest game patches, outdated game spell may sweat game crash when using about powers

- Always run the game every bit Administrator

- Never position the ScripthookVDotNet files within Scripts folder, it should endure entirely inwards gta5.exe folder, if yous position inwards scripts folder, .net scripts may non endure loaded as well as the NIBMods menu won't appear

- If yous don't convey a Scripts folder, practice one

- When a modern doesn't seem inwards the NIBMods menu list, brand certain the modern is installed properly as well as that the .dll file of the modern is within Scripts folder

- When toggle powers/spawn enemy/ally via NIBMods Spawn card (Ctrl+D0) don't work, exam the modern using the NIBMods menu (Ctrl+N)

That's it for now, if yous desire support my work, delight larn to my Patreon profile as well as brand a pledge, each money helps me dice on my modding evolution :)

Visit my YouTube channel to come across to a greater extent than well-nigh my mods/tutorials

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