Gta Four Greenish Goblin Mod

The kickoff existent villain script modern made past times me, the Green Goblin inspired past times Spiderman motion painting (2002).


-Custom melee attacks
   -Burst (burn victims)
   -Slicer (go spinning in addition to killing :) )
-Glider with:
   -Bombs (same every bit above)
   -Machine guns
   -"Death Stab" characteristic (stab people amongst the blades inward front end of glider)
   -Flight/hover mode
-Enemy feature

Download (Script modern + Ped model past times ac.amir)


If yous desire part or brand videos of this mod, delight role the next link every bit reference inward description:


Installation: This modern uses OpenIV Package Installer, run into how to install here, run game every bit Administrator and restart it when asked.

Known issues

In EFLC the pes lay piece inward glider may await wrong.


Insert - Show mods menu
eastward - Interact amongst glider or modify gun means (XControl: DPad Right)
Hold bound to larn off the glider
Shift - Go upward (when inward glider, XControl: Right bumper)
Control - Go downward (when inward glider, XControl: Left bumper)

You tin modify the hotkey inward the self-generated .ini file


Ped model past times ac.amir
Script, glider, bombs in addition to anims past times JulioNIB
HUD developed amongst aid of:

Fajer King
Millan Ahuja

Models inspired past times Spiderman 2002 movie


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