Gta Four Ed-209 Script Mod

Some weeks agone Krlos_Rockr too Bob Lester helped me start modeling for GTA IV using 3ds Max, this is the commencement object model completely made past times me, a ED-209 robot model inspired past times the commencement Robocop film (1987).



If you lot wishing percentage or brand videos of this mod, delight role the next link every bit reference inward description:


Installation: This modernistic uses OpenIV Package Installer, run into how to install here


Don't install the modernistic inward the same GTA to a greater extent than than 1 fourth dimension or you lot volition generate incorrect entries inward beauty.ide (duplicated lines) that volition brand the game unable to practice the models :)


-Use the robot every bit bodyguard
-Make the robot start a killing spree attacking unopen cars
-Make robot assistance cops against you lot (not a adept stance ^^)
-Control the robot
-Spawn the robot using the mods bill of fare (you besides tin hack the 1 that appears inward the constabulary station)


-FPS may driblet inward on board photographic telly camera vogue (when controlling), you lot tin disable the screenFX inward the modernistic .ini file
-Object animations don't play inward Video Editor :(
-Robot is moved based on forcefulness applied past times script, the lawsuit volition live on affected past times "bad" surfaces or depression fps, you lot tin increase speed belongings Shift, you lot besides tin ready a deed forcefulness multiplier inward the modernistic .ini file


Insert - Show mods menu
Left mouse push - Shoot amongst machine guns
Right mouse push - Shoot rockets
H - Show hack bill of fare - Aim at a unopen robot too a message should seem ("Press H to hack")
Move mouse up/down amongst hack bill of fare on concealment to direct the desired option
C - Change photographic telly camera when inward command mode
Shift - Move faster (when controlling)

No xbox command keys yet

You tin alter the hotkey inward the self-generated .ini file


Model, anims too script past times JulioNIB
With previous assistance of Krlos_Rockr and Bob Lester


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