Gta Five - The Spiderman Modernistic Past Times Julionib

This is The Spider-Man script modernistic past times JulioNIB

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Important: It's skillful purpose latest game patch, older game patches don't convey some animations/fx used in addition to may displace game crash.

Important notes virtually some features:

1-You demand to jump in addition to concur Web swing clit to spider web swing.

2-Web swing tin strength out live canceled pressing Jump clit again, it volition larn faster in addition to higher when y'all do.

3-Web swing needs unopen buildings, this is optional in addition to tin strength out live disabled inwards the modernistic Options menu

4-Grab, spin in addition to throw vehicles was disabled during development, this is optional in addition to tin strength out live disabled inwards the modernistic Options menu

5-Web rodeo vehicle doors tin strength out live enabled inwards modernistic Options menu

6-You tin strength out Web rodeo peds: Grab them using Grab clit (may demand to concur Ctrl (Aim button) if isn't a enemy [green target]), in addition to thus concur Attack clit down, the target color volition change: White results inwards unproblematic push, Yellow outcome inwards soil spider web rodeo in addition to Red results inwards air spider web rodeo.

7-Web swing boot assault depends on distance in addition to height, so, y'all demand to jump aiming to the target, concur Attack clit in addition to issue to perform the attack, i volition ameliorate this later.

8-Web swing to target tin strength out live canceled belongings Jump button

9-Holding Web swing clit acre on walls volition brand the Spider-man climb upward running in addition to jump high + ahead when getting some top of the edifice (similar to the X press activity inwards the PS4 game)

10-You must concur Ctrl (Aim button) to laid upward vehicles every bit possible targets for attacks (when assault vehicles is enabled inwards modernistic Options)

If y'all desire portion or brand videos of this mod, delight purpose the next link every bit reference inwards description:


This modernistic uses OpenIV Package Installer, encounter how to install here

You NEED UPDATED ScripthookVDotNet installed in addition to working to run my mods ;)


Ctrl+N - Show mods menu

Right click - Web swing, concur to proceed the spider web swing for long time, hold S to larn slower, hold W to larn faster
Ctrl + Right mouse button - Web swing/zip to target set or entity (if target its a ped, it volition perform a especial melee attack)
Left mouse button - Melee attacks, press multiple times to perform a combo amongst 2 punches in addition to ane especial melee attack

T - Change especial attack
Hold E - Show especial assault alternative HUD
E - Attack amongst especial attack
Hold Q - Grab target
Release Q - Attach grabbed target inwards the targeted set or entity

Press Left mouse button acre belongings a Ped amongst Q to perform a force in addition to melee attack
Hold Left mouse button acre belongings a Vehicle amongst Q to perform a spin in addition to thrown attack
Ctrl - When inwards top of a light pole, press Ctrl to larn to upside downward pose

Space - Jump, it also tin strength out live used to cancel spider web swing/zip to target (must hold) in addition to the hang upside downward pose
Space (while inwards Web Swing) - Finish Web Swing going faster in addition to higher
Hold Space (while inwards Web Swing to target) - Finish Web Swing to target
Ctrl acre stopped - Change idle pose in addition to plough on walk mode
Shift - Turn on sprint/run mode

Ctrl + Left Mouse button - Use Web Rodeo assault if target is available
R - Disarm target
Left mouse clit (when attached to helicopter or over a auto in addition to aiming to the passenger) - Rip off passengers
Mouse scroll - Dodge movements (while on ground)


The layout is like to the ane from PS4 game in addition to can't live changed (yet):

Obs 1.: To target objects in addition to vehicles at in ane lawsuit y'all demand to concur Ctrl.
Obs 2.: To purpose Web Rodeo assault spinning a ped, concur Q to select grip of the ped, in addition to thus concur Attack button, the crosshair volition alter from White (Simple attack) to Yellow (Ground Web Rodeo) in addition to lastly to Red (Air Web rodeo), issue Attack clit to perform the attack.

You also tin strength out aim at a Web Rodeo entity, concur Q to select grip of it in addition to and thus concur assault to "Web rodeo" it, if y'all laid upward a target earlier concur Attack, the assault volition live against the target.

You tin strength out alter the hotkey inwards the self-generated .ini file or inwards the Controls alternative inwards the modernistic Options menu

Hold left in addition to correct shoulders (in vehicles concur correct in addition to left triggers in addition to press DPad Right) to demonstrate mods carte


ASI Loader + ScripthookV by Alexander blade
ScriptHookVDotNet past times Crosire


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