Gta Five Pc - Lamar Gunner Script Mod

This is my showtime try to brand a script modern for GTA V PC, so, it's a real basic script.


Create a vehicle alongside Lamar equally gunner, you lot tin practise a Technical, Insurgent or the helicopter Valkyrie. You tin toggle the Attack fashion as well as command Lamar spell driving, or you lot tin piece of work out Lamar controlling as well as shooting when he wants ^^


This script requires the ASI loader + ScripthookV, come across how to download as well as install them here.

If you lot desire part or brand videos of this mod, delight role the next link equally reference inwards description:


Installation: Copy the .asi file to your GTA5.exe folder


Ctrl + i - Show the modern menu
Numpad8/Page Up as well as Numpad2/Page Down - Navigate up/down inwards the menu
Numpad5/Enter - Choose a especial from menu
east - Switch fix on fashion (Manual, Auto>Enemies, Auto>All)

Always concur aim push spell shooting, otherwise you lot can't deed the aim :)

Known issues

Sometimes Lamar don't uncovering a enemy or possible victim.
Sometimes Lamar sit down inwards the incorrect seat, piece of work out the vehicle as well as therefore come inwards again, if employment still, practise unopen to other vehicle using the menu.


Script past times JulioNIB


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