Gta Five .Net Scripts Setup


-Case you lot already had the mods carte du jour working (Ctrl + N) together with later installing a novel modern it goal working, mayhap you lot convey a outdated scripthookVDotNet, a uncomplicated update may solve the issue.

-Don't position scripthookVDotNet.dll file inwards scripts folder, this volition brand the plugin neglect to load, his house is inwards gta5.exe folder :)

-Case you lot believe you lot convey all installed together with yet can't arrive work, cheque the troubleshooting post service clicking here

-Run game equally Administrator.

-Case the modern carte du jour don't seem later selecting it on the NIBMods menu, mayhap its a final result related to the characters, suits or armors .ini files inwards Scripts\Characters (suits or armors) folder, delete all grapheme .ini files from that folder together with inwards game press Insert to reload scripts.

-You ask mesh access to login validation (if needed past times mod)

Requirements to run .net script mods inwards GTA V PC

1 - ASI Loader + ScripthookV past times Alexander blade
ii - ScripthookVDotNet past times Crosire
iii - Windows packages for ScripthookVDotNet:

-Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (direct link)

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