Gta Five - Dragons

This script I made to live on used amongst the dragon models lately released past times Quechus13, y'all volition honour links for the models some lines below

Step 1 - Download in addition to install the script
Step ii - Download and install the dragon models: Small dragon model and the Big dragon model

Both dragon models are required to convey all features of the script

If y'all desire portion or brand videos of this mod, delight role the next link every bit reference inwards description: 


Installation:  Check this post or run across the Installation guide (BR - EN):

You NEED UPDATED ScripthookVDotNet installed in addition to working to run my mods ;)


Press Ctrl + due north to present the mods menu

When inwards dragon mode:
Press set out 1 (the i roughly QWE) to alter assault trend to Flames
Press set out ii to alter assault trend to Fireball
Press set out  3 to alter assault trend to Wing slash
Left mouse push - Attack
east - Grab peds/vehicles (vehicles solely amongst large dragon)
R - Eat/bite peds

When inwards normal ped mode:

Hold R when aiming to a Ally large dragon to outset the Ride characteristic (message must look inwards correct bottom corner)
Hold Space spell riding a dragon to throttle out

Flight controls:

W, A, south in addition to D - Control movement
Mouse - Control photographic idiot box camera in addition to dragon direction

You tin alter some hotkeys inwards the self-generated .ini file


Hold left in addition to correct shoulders (in vehicles concur correct in addition to left triggers in addition to press DPad Right) to present mods menu

DPad correct - Change the assault mode
Hold Left trigger - Grab things
Right trigger - Attack
Left shoulder - Move down
Right shoulder - Move up
Right stick - Control movement
Left stick - Control camera and dragon direction
Hold B - Trigger the large dragon ride
Hold X - Jump out of large dragon when inwards ride mode
Hold H5N1 - Eat/bite peds


-Dragon invasion: Dragons look inwards Los Santos attacking people on streets, exceptional vehicles amongst guns volition come upwards to scrap the dragons.
-Become dragon: You tin teach a dragon in addition to role his attacks in addition to fly
-Ride the large dragon: You tin ride the large dragon in addition to command his flying in addition to attacks
-Spawn dragon enemy
-Spawn dragon ally


Script past times JulioNIB
Models past times Quechus13
ASI Loader + ScripthookV by Alexander blade
ScriptHookVDotNet past times Crosire


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