Gta Five Added Peds Restrain Fix

If y'all tried to add together peds to GTA five y'all may bring faced the game crash resultant when loading floor mode, this is what y'all tin seek to create to FIX this resultant (you tin watch the tutorial here if y'all want):

Step 1 - Download too install this mod, its a .ASI script so, y'all need ASI Loader installed, extract the file to your gta5.exe folder:

Step 2 - Download this mod

Open the ZIP file
Open the folder "Gta Config For v 1.0.1868.0" (or the folder alongside your game spell version)
Open the folder "Stock Traffic (Means Gta base)" (or anything alongside text: "Means Gta base")
Extract the file "gameconfig.xml" to your desktop.

Now opened upwardly the OpenIV app too navigate to: mods\update\update.rpf\common\data

*Important: If y'all don't bring the file inwards mods folder y'all should navigate to:
"update\update.rpf\common\data", click inwards the push "Edit mode" too and hence click inwards the indicated push to Copy the file to mods folder. *

Click inwards the push "Edit mode"
Click inwards New
Click inwards Add
Select the gameconfig.xml that nosotros extracted to desktop inwards previous steps too click inwards Open

Step 3 (Optional) - Case afterward Steps 1 too two y'all however bring retention error, install this mod, extract the files to your gta5.exe folder the same agency y'all did alongside the files inwards pace 1

Done :)

If all goes good straight off y'all tin run your game alongside added peds, props too vehicles :)

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