Gta 5 Pc Ironman Script Mod

GTA V PC IRONMAN V script modern yesteryear JulioNIB

Asked yesteryear many people, fifty-fifty earlier GTA V PC release, the Ironman script modern for GTA V alongside around cool powers + flight, alone affair missing is the cool armors that nosotros had inwards IV, exactly inwards a most hereafter they volition live on made ;)

Features as well as hotkeys

-Flight mode, max speed upward to 400, no meridian limit
-Extra speed when running later on around time
-Special vision modes (Switch alongside I)
-Super melee attacks (Q - XBox control: B)
-Ground assault (Flight + Q)
-6 Different armor guns (Switch alongside eastward - XBox command DPad right/left)
-Shoot alongside auto guns from correct paw (Left mouse push clitoris - XBox command Right bumper)
-Shoot darts
-Launch missiles
-Hand repulsor beam
-Two handed repulsor beam
-Chest repulsor beam
-Flight collision check
-Water collision check
-Sparks on damaged bones
-Metal sounds on damage
-Compatible alongside actual Ironman armors (Trevor wearing clothing retextured)
-Extra regular army alongside heavy vehicles similar Insurgent, Valkyrie, Savage as well as Tank to hunt player

Press Ctrl + due north to exhibit mods card as well as pick out a armor. If the Ironman don't look inwards the menu, press Insert to reload scripts as well as thence endeavour in 1 trial to a greater extent than :)

Flight controls:

-Hold infinite to toggle flying mode
-WASD, Shift, Control as well as mouse. Press due west in 1 trial to a greater extent than to increase flying speed

Hold assault push clitoris when shooting to avoid that actor char. popular off on "punching the air"

v1.1 Changes:

-Changed speed increase mode, later on two or iii due west press it volition progressive increase the speed.
-Added multi armors support
-Some pΓ΅rnikas fixes

Download: All links are inwards this post, it likewise contains installation conduct for script as well as armors

Check how to purpose mods folder to install the armor files here

Case you lot bring issues alongside activation or installer issues check this link

You request ScripthookV as well as ScripthookVDotNet working to purpose my recent mods:

Download the cherry-red "armor" used inwards my outset vΓ­deos here


ASI Loader + ScripthookV by Alexander blade
ScriptHookVDotNet by Crosire

For videos as well as more, banking concern fit the hashtag #IronmanV:

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