Gta 5 Pc - Add Together Vehicles Persuasion (No Replace)

In this tutorial i present how to add together vehicles without supersede whatever game vehicle :)

English linguistic communication version: Soon
Portuguese BR version:

Download of pack

Main link  -  mirror 1

You tin spawn the custom models alongside my mods card script, it goes alongside my mods.

If you lot wishing percentage or brand videos of this post/file, delight purpose the next link every bit reference inwards description:


1 - Download the pack :)
two - Copy the files to the desired folders:

   "to update folder" re-create to your "update" folder
   "to update.rpf" re-create the dlclist.xml in addition to supersede the i within "update.rpf\common\data\"

iii - Now you lot are gear upwardly to install novel vehicles without replace.
four - Download a vehicle, let's purpose every bit sample this one
five - Rename the vehicle files to the mention you lot want, inwards this event i volition rename to gol18:

half-dozen - Now add together those files to the next path:


seven - Now let's edit the custom vehicles.meta that is located in:


8 - Open it in addition to edit the tag modelName, txdName, handlingId in addition to gameName alongside the mention of the vehicle that nosotros wishing add, inwards this event gol18:


in addition to inwards the tag audioNameHash you lot laid the mention of the vehicle that you lot wishing the well to survive used inwards your added vehicle, let's purpose vigero as example:



Note: If you lot wishing add together to a greater extent than vehicles you lot require to duplicate the entire Item tag to brand i for each novel added vehicle.

ix - Save the file in addition to import dorsum to game

10 - Now let's edit the carvariations.meta, its located in:


xi - Like inwards vehicles.meta nosotros require i detail for each novel added vehicle, the file goes alongside a sample, let's edit the sample in addition to laid the mention of the model inwards the tag modelName:



12 - Save in addition to import dorsum to the game

thirteen - Now it's fourth dimension to edit the handling.meta, same persuasion every bit before, i detail for each novel added vehicle, the file is located in:



fourteen - Save in addition to import dorsum to game

xv - Now using a modern that allow you lot spawn a vehicle past times his mention (like my mods card :) ) spawn the vehicle using the mention you lot conduct ;)


Inspired past times this mod
Tests in addition to persuasion past times JulioNIB
OpenIV past times OpenIV Team
ASI Loader + ScripthookV by Alexander blade
ScriptHookVDotNet past times Crosire

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