Gta 5 - Novel The Flash Script Modern V2 - Nibstyle

A script modern that permit y'all play amongst some Flash powers as well as also permit y'all spawn a "Flash like" enemy/ally ;)


v2 Changes:

-Added ability alternative wheel
-Added hover characteristic using tornado hands
-Added characteristic to stage electrical flow vehicle (works against peds, objects as well as vehicles, non walls/trees, yet)
-Added role instrumentalist stage feature
-Added mid air attack
-Added tornado hands attack
-Added "phase to ground" attack
-Added ped choose handgrip of as well as thrown attack
-Added ped behaviour (for rescues)
-Improved tornado attack
-Improved thrown lightning attack
-Improved ticker attack
-Improved punch machine attack
-Improved wall ride
-Improved confine as well as costless fall
-Improved trail fx
-Added alternative inward the .ini file to laid the Speed for the 3 speed levels
-Added alternative to enable/disable extra landing anims
-Added alternative to enable/disable autumn scream
*Obs.: Auto tiresome motion when running is laid to simulated past times default, cheque modern options card to enable.

Some changes inward controls:

-Hold Q (Controller: Left bumper) to present powers cycle as well as select powers
-Press due east (Controller: Right bumper) to assail amongst especial attacks
-Press X (Controller: Left stick) to behaviour electrical flow targeted ped
-Press T (Controller: DPad Down) to choose handgrip of electrical flow targeted ped, press Left mouse push (Controller: Right bumper) to thrown him, run as well as throw for to a greater extent than caos
-Press Control (Controller: DPad left) to toggle Walk agency On/Off
-Press Jump as well as and then press Jump 1 time again to toggle the Tornado Hands hover characteristic On/Off
-For Tornado Hands assail y'all must tally due east (Controller: Right bumper) to proceed the attack

-To perform air attack: Jump, laid target as well as and then press Left mouse push (Controller: Right bumper)

If y'all wish part or brand videos of this mod, delight utilization the next link every bit reference inward description: 


Installation:  Check this post

You NEED updated ScripthookVDotNet installed as well as working to run my mods ;)

Recommended Suits

(2019) Best option:
Setup Guide:

Other/older models:

Suits setup sample (old):

Changes inward v1.2

-Added ally feature
-Added enemy feature
-Added novel assail mode: "punch machine"
-Changed confine to increase/decrease forcefulness based on how much y'all tally downwards the confine button

*Obs.: Auto tiresome motion when running is disabled when a enemy/ally is spawned, this is needed to proceed the enemy/ally moving fast every bit expected.

*Obs2.: To spawn enemy/ally y'all take to install a suit, y'all volition let on links some lines above


Ctrl+N - Show mods menu

-Ctrl - Toggle walk agency (disable/enable the super speed)
-Hold due east to present assail agency alternative or press 1, 2, 3 or four to select 1 assail agency straight (numbers roughly QWER keys)
-Press due east to perform the attack
-Left mouse push - Normal melee attacks when non moving or Supersonic punch when moving
-Space - Jump (when moving)
-R - Disarm targeted ped, a text volition seem inward correct bottom corner indicating when the ped is unopen as well as inward the desired area.
-F - Hijack vehicles, a text volition seem inward correct bottom corner indicating when the vehicle is unopen as well as inward the desired area, for helicopters as well as airplanes flight the distance is bigger.
-Hold aim to brand a forced tiresome motion mode, y'all tin utilization this to accept pictures or brand some cool clips similar when throwing a lighting :)

You tin alter the hotkey in the self-generated .ini file

XBox controller

Left stick - Run
Right stick - Camera control
Left trigger - High speed
Left trigger + correct trigger - Hyper speed
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 - Disarm peds
B - Melee attack
Right Shoulder - especial attack
X - jump
Y - hijack vehicle
Left Shoulder - Switch especial attack


-Super speed + tiresome motion (move keys pressed)
-Bigger super speed + tiresome motion (move keys + shift pressed)
-Hyper machine increasing super speed + tiresome motion (move keys + shift pressed + aim)
-Slow motion when running tin hold upward deactivated inward the modern menu
-Super jump, bigger speeds = bigger jumps
-Wall run, this characteristic don't operate inward some windows because the game don't answer to the raycasts :(, so, volition operate inward large purpose of walls, but inward some buildings may non operate well
-Auto healing
-Walk over water
-Supersonic punch assail (bigger speed = bigger damage)
-Tornado attack
-"Heart Attack" attack
-Thrown Lightning attack
-Basic melee attacks
-Delayed light/blur FX that "follow" role instrumentalist char. when moving
-Rays that "follow" role instrumentalist when moving
-Hijack vehicles, for helicopters y'all tin endeavor to confine unopen as well as then tally F
-Possibility to customize the FX/rays colors inward the modern menu, the setting is saved inward the actual Suit .ini file
-Possibility to spawn enemy/ally flash

Things to consider well-nigh Video editor + Flash mod

-If FX seem inward game during recording it may seem inward video editor, otherwise it don't volition work.

-If y'all displace the playback rail bar inward video editor the FX volition non seem until y'all restart the game

-It's expert tape the outset of the FX (the signal where y'all start running), inward some cases when recording happens when y'all already is running the FX may non appear

-The best practise to homecoming a video amongst video editor is laid all camera/movement points inward editor, relieve project, reopen the game as well as and then render/preview, this agency the FX may appear

Know issues

-Slowmotion or tiresome speed inward some moments, when falling for example.
-Screen p├Árnikas inward final result of likewise many particle effects on role instrumentalist char. run as well as halt 1 time again to take away the FX, this usually solves the temporary issue.
 You also tin trim down the sum of FX for "blur" final result inward the modern menu.
-Game crash was detected few times during Thrown lightning as well as Tornado attacks, its random as well as difficult to happen, but possible.
-Wall run may neglect depending on building/windows, utilization tiresome speed to avoid confine out of the destination of edifice ^^
-Use of hyper speed inward mountains may brand y'all autumn hole-and-corner due to game collision loading issues
-Enemy/ally may halt next their target if they are far away, larn roughly the enemy/ally as well as it may start next again.


ASI Loader + ScripthookV by Alexander blade
ScriptHookVDotNet past times Crosire
Suits by OkaymanXXI and fungfung879


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