Gta 5 - Los Santos Pride Modern Installation Guide

This modern brings a Pride Parade to Los Santos:

The setup guide

-First of all download the Los Santos Pride modern from this link

-Make certain you lot lead the ScripthookV together with ScripthookVDotNet installed together with working

-Make certain you lot lead OpenIV installed together with configured to edit your GTA V files

-Open the OpenIV programme together with click inwards Windows inwards the GTA V option:

Now click inwards Tools > Package Installer:

Select the file PrideParade.oiv together with click inwards Open:

Now you lot should encounter a enshroud similar this, click inwards Install:

Now i recommend that you lot lead get-go selection to install the files using the Mods folder, this volition brand easier disable the modded files illustration you lot desire play online afterward (removing asi loader):

If everything goes good you lot should encounter this screen, click inwards Close:

Now unopen OpenIV together with opened upwardly it again, click inwards the Windows push inwards GTA V option.
In the bill of fare "Tools" click inwards "ASI Manager", brand certain you lot lead at to the lowest degree "ASI Loader" together with "OpenIV.asi" installed:

Now let's install the flag that postulate to live on installed manually, inwards the openiv window notice the file x64w.rpf inwards the left side of the program, correct click it together with click inwards "Copy to "mods" folder".

After the re-create you lot volition encounter inwards the principal window the folder "dlcpacks", double click it to opened upwardly together with and thence navigate to: mpindependence\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\props\dlc_lev_des.rpf

Now click inwards "Edit Mode" together with response "Yes" to the message box that volition appear, right away click inwards the greenish cross to add together a file together with and thence select the file "ind_prop_dlc_flag_01.yft" that should live on inwards same folder of the Package file that nosotros used before:

Click inwards "Open" together with it's done:

Testing the script inwards game

Now that nosotros lead the Script together with the modded files installed (also ScripthookV together with ScripthookVDotNet) nosotros tin buy the farm along together with exam the script inwards game, so, amongst game loaded together with your grapheme on screen, press Ctrl + due north to exhibit the mods menu, select "Los Santos Pride" together with press "Enter", the modern bill of fare should look amongst options to start the parades inwards three unlike places together with another options for customization/interaction:

Case you lot can't encounter the menu, depository fiscal establishment jibe the troubleshooting post service clicking here.

You tin purpose whatsoever mp3 audio to live on played when the parade starts, simply house the mp3 file amongst the get upwardly music.mp3 inwards the "Scripts\Pride Parade files" folder.

You likewise postulate to install the modern "Object Spawn Unlocker" past times GTAMultiplayer Team to live on able to encounter the DJ booth inwards the principal truck.

If you lot desire part or brand videos of this mod, delight purpose the next link every bit reference inwards description:



Ctrl+N - Show mods menu

You tin modify the hotkey inwards the self-generated .ini file


-This modern creates a parade inwards three unlike locations that you lot tin lead inwards the menu
-Custom music tin live on added to folder "Pride Parade files" amongst get upwardly music.mp3
-This modern includes around custom wearing clothing together with peel mods to convey to a greater extent than life together with mode to the parade
-Planes volition wing over the parade releasing colored smokes
-Blimp amongst custom texture volition wing over the parade
-Some peds volition lead custom wearing clothing related to the Pride Parade


Script: JulioNIB
Concept & idea: Garbergs
Creatives: William Löthman & Sedir Ajeenah
Machinima/Editing: 8-Bit Bastard
Texture design:

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