Gta 5 - Ironman Score Three Armor Free Together With Installation Guide

v1.1 Changes:

-Changed speed growth mode, subsequently two or iii west press it volition progressive growth the speed.
-Added multi armors support
-Some p├Árnikas fixes

Download: All links are in this post, it also contains installation direct for script as well as armors

Check how to live on mods folder to install the armor files here

Invisible armor parts issue: Download this armor config file (mirror) as well as supervene upon the master copy one, or alter your windows linguistic communication settings to live on Comma instead of Dot every bit decimal separator :)

*AdBlocker may campaign issues amongst download pages.

Script activation link:

You take away ScripthookV as well as ScripthookVDotNet working to live on my mods

If you lot desire percentage or brand videos of this mod, delight live on the next link every bit reference inwards description:


Installation of script:  Check this post

Installation of armor

-Make certain you lot accept asi loader as well as OpenIV.asi plugin installed, otherwise you lot can't charge custom game files, you lot tin install it using OpenIV, instruct to carte du jour Tools > ASI Manager...
-Extract all files to a folder
-Copy content of folder "to scripts folder" to your GTA V scripts folder
-If you lot don't accept a folder called "mods" inwards your gta5.exe folder, usage one.
-Case you lot don't accept a re-create of x64g.rpf within mods folder, brand i copy.
-Using OpenIV navigate to mods\x64g.rpf\levels\gta5\generic\cutsobjects.rpf
-Click inwards Edit means to enable edit mode
-Click inwards Edit as well as and hence click inwards Add
-Select the files from folder "armor parts" as well as click inwards Open

Know issues

-Armor parts may disappear depending on photographic idiot box camera angle when photographic idiot box camera is real some the armor.
-Model has high poly/faces count, take away some improvement
-Very basic texturing
-Create every bit good much armor models brand game crash (change armor lot of times)
-Game may crash inwards First Person photographic idiot box camera :(


See hotkeys for IronmanV script inwards the release post


Script as well as armor model adaptation to GTA V yesteryear JulioNIB
Source of model: silviuq12
ASI Loader + ScripthookV by Alexander blade
ScriptHookVDotNet yesteryear Crosire


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