Gta 5 - The Gate Monster

Script modern inspired inwards The Gate grapheme created past times Kevin Huckabee, meet to a greater extent than nearly this grapheme clicking here


If yous desire portion or brand videos of this mod, delight purpose the next link equally reference inwards description:


InstallationThis modern uses OpenIV Package Installer, meet how to install here

You NEED ScripthookVDotNet v2.10.9 installed together with working to run my mods ;)


R - Special fix on - Hold to increase ability or radius (in to a greater extent than or less attacks)

Left mouse push - Melee fix on (can last used inwards Smoke together with Liquid dry reason too)
E - Switch to side past times side particular attack
Hold E - Show particular fix on pick HUD
Space - Jump
Space spell inwards mid air - Toggle Flight trend (Smoke state)
Q - Toggle Liquid state

Obs.: The "Torrent" fix on is a fix on that requires that yous concur R together with become to the victims, a large liquid vortex volition seem affecting all close peds together with vehicles

No Controller back upwards yet


Ctrl + due north - Show mods menu

Up/Down/Left/Right (also numpads 2, 4, six together with 8) - Navigate
Enter/Numpad5 - Select item
Numpad0/Backspace - Previous menu/Close menu

In controller:

Hold DPad Left together with press X to demo the NIBMods menu

Up/Down/Left/Right - Navigate
A (Sprint) - Select item
B - Previous menu/Close menu


-Melee attacks

-Special attacks (Drag to breast together with absorb, breast dark hole, smoke tornado, withdraw victim skin, split upwards victim inwards ii together with more)
-Smoke dry reason - Flight mode
-Liquid state
-Solid dry reason (Default)
-Enemy together with Ally features

Obs.: Some features may await incorrect inwards Rockstar Video Editor


The Gate grapheme created past times Kevin Huckabee

Suit past times Hex Mortis
Ped model past times Quechus13
Corpse ped model past times TheMadBreaker
Script modern past times JulioNIB
ASI Loader + ScripthookV by Alexander blade
ScriptHookVDotNet past times Crosire

The Gate social media:





 Power Selection HUD

 Melee attack

 Smoke state

 Drag to breast together with absorb (Devour)

Remove victim peel (Flay)

 Drag to liquid and...

 remove victim peel (Flay)

Drag vehicles to breast dark hole (Raze)

 Smoke Tornado (Devastate)

 Smoke Tornado (Devastate)

Big vortex (Torrent)

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