Custom Nutrient Interactions

 Custom Food Interactions

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  • Adds novel menus to the refrigerator as well as stove
  • New menus added are - Make Custom Food, Make Custom Gourmet Food, Make Custom Vampire Food, Make Custom Toddler Food, Grab Custom Snack
  • Enables novel custom recipes to look inwards the refrigerator as well as stove recipe picker
  • Requires frequent updates for piece too every bit for add-on of novel nutrient resources
  • Requires both the .package as well as .ts4script files
  • This modern exclusively adds the menus. for the actual recipes, yous require to download the private recipes

List of Compatible Food

17. Paratha - Custom Indian food
18. Custom toddler Snacks - 4
19. Spooky Cookies
20. Biriyani
21. Stuffed Pepper
22. Christmas Cookies 1
23. Christmas Cookies 2
24. Christmas Cookie 3
25. Chello Kebab
26. Pumpkin Soup as well as Pumpkin Roll
27. Louisiana Style Recipes - Beignets as well as Shrimp Grits
28. Louisiana Style Recipes - Cornbread, Crabcake, Jambalaya
29. Broccoli Recipes - Broccoli Mashed Potato, Broccoli Chicken as well as Broccoli Cheddar Soup
30. Space Themed Food - Space Monster Cake, Alien Cupcake, public Cookies, Andromeda Cake, Nebula Donut
31. Orange Chicken as well as Orange Choco mousse
32. Spooky Day Treats
33. Orange Cupcake as well as Orange Plum Cake
34. Strawberry Panna Cotta
35. Idli - South Indian food
36. Rice Pudding
37. Crab Legs
38. Candied Yam
39. Red Velvet Lava Cake
40. Stuffed Artichoke

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