Xnviewmp 0.94.2 32-64 Fighting & Xnview 2.49.2 Multilingual

Download Portable XnView Extended Online XnViewMP 0.94.2 32-64 chip & XnView 2.49.2 Multilingual
Free graphic as well as photograph viewer without installation.
Download Portable XnViewMP 32-64 chip Online (0.3 MB) 11/09/18
Download Portable XnView Extended Online (0.3 MB) 06/09/18

Extract as well as function XnViewMPPortable or XnViewPortable.
Edit XnViewMPPortable.ini to develop Cache:
Cache=Temp Cache develop inwards Windows Temp folder deleted when leaving
Cache=Portable Cache develop inwards Data

Settings of installed XnView should live on preserved.

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