What Is The Best Encoder For Obs Studio? Best Obs Settings

X264 vs NVENC H.264 Performance | Best OBS Studio Settings...
OBS Studio is a gratuitous opened upwards root concealment in addition to game capture software for your PC, but if your don't know how to setup OBS Studio for best functioning than yous mightiness abhor this software in addition to never purpose this again, default Encoder settings inwards OBS is non the best Encoder if yous actually desire to capture to a greater extent than or less heavy gameplay or desktop concealment 'cuz default Encoder x264 uses to a greater extent than than 50% of your PC's CPU in addition to makes your PC lag but if yous convey a Nvidia or AMD graphic menu than it volition exclusively purpose 10 to 15% of CPU, but your convey to alter Encoder settings OBS manually.
Please scout the video below to run into how to alter Encoder inwards OBS in addition to larn best settings for OBS Studio, download link for OBS Studio volition live on only below the video.

Click Here to download the OBS Studio for gratuitous for your Window PC, Mac OS or Linux, it is a gratuitous concealment in addition to game capture software.

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