Best Video Editing App For Android (Free) Position Many Video Layers

Best Video Editing App For Android...
There are many video editing apps for android but none of them is perfect but there's a ane video editing app which has ability to add together many layers of videos or images. the app mention is MOCR together with its nevertheless inwards beta version, fifty-fifty if it is inwards beta version it plant simply similar professional person video editors, inwards my sentiment MOCR is a best video editor for android. Please scout the video below for amount tutorial on MOCR video editing app together with download link is simply below the video.
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More item nearly MOCR past times developers
MOCR is a construct novel video editor built from the solid soil upward simply for mobile devices, it's unlike compared to existing ones.

There is a Canvas, really similar to the ane on OBS broadcaster for PC together with Mac, you lot tin set whatever set out of layers on it.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 layer tin hold upward video, image, GIF or text.

You tin resize, rotate or deed the layer freely on the Canvas.

MOCR has roughly built inwards filters which tin hold upward applied on all kinds of layers, video, icon GIF together with text. More together with amend filters volition hold upward available soon.

You tin homecoming many Clips, hence reorder, repeat, export together with combine them to a amount video to export.

Background music is every bit good available, together with many to a greater extent than things...

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