Open Whatever Programs, Files Too Folders Using Shortcut Keys Inwards Windows

There are bunch of Shortcut Keys available inwards windows that provides an easier together with quicker ways inwards navigating whatever reckoner directories together with executing commands on a program/software. This helpful shortcuts are effectively makes whatever performance uncomplicated together with accessible without besides much input sequences on opening anything inwards the system.

Shortcut Keys are of import together with it is undeniable that almost every user loves shortcuts for slow together with quick commands. However, these shortcuts are quite limited, every bit windows solely covers the basic shortcuts inwards full general input of the system. For illustration when opening the "My Computer" or "This PC" window, you lot tin strength out easily press "Windows Key + E" on the keyboard, or exactly press ALT+F4 to quit an opened upward program. Now, how most opening the CONTROL PANEL, CMD or MS WORD? Basically, at that topographic point is no hotkey for that unless you lot brand a shortcut icon (.lnk) on your desktop together with assign a shortcut primal on its properties.

Launching/Opening whatever programs, files or folders using a custom shortcut primal is cool, but is at that topographic point whatever other agency doing that without filling upward your desktop alongside shortcuts? Yes at that topographic point is! Using this uncomplicated app called EVOKEYS.

EVOKEYS allows you lot to opened upward whatever programs, files or folders using a custom shortcut key. This low-cal application has a really user-friendly interface alongside no complicated settings, you lot tin strength out designate whatever primal combination you lot wishing for a certainly program, file or a folder. Whenever it is installed, it adds upward into the organisation tray, its principal window tin strength out endure easily launched past times clicking the icon on the tray.

You tin strength out add together shortcut keys every bit many every bit you lot tin strength out - a program, file or a folder defining its name, path, parameters (optional), hotkey together with fashion past times clicking the Add button.

EVOKEYS also allows you lot to assign a shortcut primal on organisation commands such every bit Shutdown, Restart, Hybernate, Log Off, Switch User - lock. Under the Custom Menu, you lot tin strength out easily direct whatever of the available options together with input your desired hotkey. Along alongside this, you lot tin strength out also specify a hotkey for the primary windows folders such every bit My Computer together with My Documents. Control Panel together with CMD are included every bit well.

This plan supports 32 together with 64 chip System. It is tested on Windows XP together with after versions except Windows 10.


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