Io Launcher (Lollipop + Ios 8) Prime Number Five 3.0

This is a prime number cardinal to unlock all the prime number features of IO Launcher IO Launcher (Lollipop + iOS 8) Prime V 3.0

IO Launcher Prime

IO Launcher is a perfect Lollipop + iOS 8 vogue launcher, Smooth, Smart, Small.This is a prime number cardinal to unlock all the prime number features of IO Launcher.

Main Features

  • Combine the best purpose of Android 5.0 Lollipop together with iOS 8, laissez passer you lot a Clean, Smooth, Powerful launcher experience
  • Smart together with prissy folders
  • Auto category apps to folders; iOS 8 vogue folder; prissy opening/closing animation
  • Smart apps
  • Suggest you lot the correct apps at the correct time
  • Handy sidebar
  • Include Cleaner, Torch, Favorate app, Recent app together with more
  • Many themes
  • Many online icon packs for your choice; together with back upwards 5000+ third-party icon packs
  • Edit mode
  • What you lot run into is what you lot get, produce out your covert easily
  • Quick all apps
  • To brand launcher simpler, at that spot is no traditional app drawer, instead, nosotros furnish a quick all apps, you lot tin swipe upwards to opened upwards apps, to search apps, or to locate app quickly
  • Personalization
  • There are 200+ options to customize launcher to what you lot like
  • Wallpaper :
  • Many cloud wallpaper to satisfy your feel
  • Userful tools
  • Switcher, Power Saver, Boost, all you lot involve to assistance produce out your devices well

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